Welcome to Beecholme Primary School

On 1st September 2016, the school opened as an Academy, as part of the Chipstead Valley Academy Trust. These are very exciting times for our new school.

At Beecholme, we have high expectations of all our children and staff.

We want our children to become independent, confident and enthusiastic individuals.

We encourage and develop their social skills so they can be happy, tolerant and considerate of others. Alongside this, we also want them to do well at school academically, developing them as effective learners who achieve to the best of their ability and make good progress.

Here at Beecholme, we believe in an inclusive, varied, engaging and challenging curriculum.

We have dedicated staff who have high expectations of our children and want them to succeed.

We will encourage all our children to undertake challenges and become independent learners. Our school supports these ambitions by offering a positive, calm and hardworking environment where all children can do well.

It is definitely the children at Beecholme who make it a very special and unique place.

We take pride in our diverse community and value every child as an individual.

We are proud of being an inclusive school and also of our cultural and linguistic diversity.

Having a strong partnership between home and school results in all children behaving and learning to the best of their ability. Being a listening school we encourage any parents or children to come and see us if they have any concerns.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our new website and we look forward to meeting you personally.

Phyllis Sternberg

Phyllis Sternberg

Head of School

Beecholme Primary School

(Part of the Chipstead Valley Trust)