How will teaching be adapted to meet my child’s needs?

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Teachers are skilled at adapting teaching to meet the diverse range of needs in each class. We ensure that the curriculum and teaching sequences are tailored to meet the needs of the individual child. The use of teaching methods, such as scaffolding (teachers provide successive levels of temporary support that help children reach higher levels of comprehension and skill acquisition that they would not be able to achieve without assistance. Like physical scaffolding, the supportive strategies are incrementally removed when they are no longer needed, and the teacher gradually shifts more responsibility over the learning process to the child) and visual aids, as well as many other appropriate methods are used to help pupils who may need additional support.

Groups are organised flexibly with opportunities for children to work in both ability and mixed ability groups to maximise learning opportunities for all.

Additional adults are used to help groups and individual pupils, with a long-term goal of developing independent learning skills.

Alongside planned differentiation in the classroom some children with SEND need something additional to or different from that which is provided for most children.