Curriculum Intent 

Our children will be young historians, curious and knowledgeable about the past. They will understand history as the study of change and continuity over time. They will be able to recognise, describe and explain differences, similarities and connections between individuals and groups of people in different places at different times. They will be able to, and want to, think critically, evaluate evidence and question assumptions. They will understand the impact of history on today’s world, and will gain perspective on their own and others’ identity. 

Our children will develop these insights through their study of the narrative of British history, and aspects of the wider world, including ancient civilisations, empire, features of non-European societies and the achievements and follies of humankind. 

Curriculum Implementation 

History is taught through units in each year group, carefully planned to enable the progressive study of key historical concepts and ideas across each child’s time at school. Learning within units builds on knowledge, and reinforces and develops understanding, gained in previous years. The choice and depth of units, and the learning within them, reflects the backgrounds, interests and needs of our community, and is responsive to the changing nature of the world. 

Where possible, lessons promote an enquiry approach, requiring children to investigate and to use and evaluate primary and secondary sources. Teaching and learning in history draws on the rich resources of our city, and includes opportunities to find out about and interact with our local area. 

Teachers have good subject knowledge, and plan and teach lessons focusing specifically on the development of historical knowledge and skills. We actively use opportunities to collaborate with the other schools in our Trust. 

Curriculum Impact (including pupil outcomes) 

- Children can articulate what history is and know when they are studying it. 

- Children’s attitudes show a love of and curiosity about the subject of history. 

- Assessment and monitoring show consistent progression in children’s: 

o historical knowledge; 

o understanding of key concepts and themes; 

o research and enquiry skills; 

o ability to recognise and evaluate differing historical perspectives.