Admission Appeals Process

Admission Appeals

Appeals Timetable in accordance with the School Admissions

Appeal Code 2012

Community Primary admission appeals to be heard between 5 June

2021 and 21 July 2023

a) Deadline for Lodging Appeals: 16 May 2023. Appeal forms received within the deadline will be heard between 5 June and 21 July 2023, although some appeals may be heard following this date, as required.

b) Appellants will receive at least 14 calendar days’ notice of their appeal hearing date.

c) Appellants must submit their additional evidence and the admission authority to submit their evidence at least 14 calendar days prior to the hearing date.

d) Decision letters will be sent to appellants within 7 calendar days of the hearing, or, where multiple appeals for a school are heard on more than one day within 7 calendar days of the last hearing day for that school.


All appellants must now appeal online to the Croydon Independent Appeals Service.  For an appeal form and information please visit:


For further information regarding appeals:

Admissions Appeals - Parents Guide